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Quotes from "A Call from the Holy Mountain"

"It is well known that the devil-instigated Zionism is coordinating two insidious operations both within and without the Church aspiring to one and the same end; to destroy the fortress known as Orthodoxy"
A Call from the Holy Mountain, page 43

"Papists, Protestants, Jehovah Witnesses, Freemasons, Unionists, Ecumenists and any other "root of bitterness" -- all these have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast. These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for He is Lord of Lords, and King of Kings: and they that are with Him are called, and chosen, and faithful."
A Call from the Holy Mountain, page 43

"One Sunday, a preacher delivered a sermon on "love your enemies." On the Sunday after, he spoke against alcohol addiction - about the havoc it wrought among the Christian peoples. Incidentally, the infamous Zionists greatly boast about this in their notorious 'Protocols.' When the preacher, then, referred to drinking and described its effects as mortal foes, one of the 'smart' listeners who, by the way, are never missing, stopped him short and said: 'Father, didn't you say last Sunday to love your enemies?' The preacher calmly answered, 'I told you to love them. I didn't say you should swallow them.'"
A Call from the Holy Mountain, pages 45-46

Quotes from "Counsels from the Holy Mountain"

“Although struggling to live the Christian life in the world is a godly pursuit, it does not even come close to monasticism in its yield of spiritual wealth and it its closeness to God. “A tree is known by its fruit.” An entire army of monastics has filled heaven. How many Righteous* saints do we have? You can count them on your fingers.”

*The Righteous are the saints who attained sanctity while living in the world and were not clergy, monastics, or martyrs.
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, page 92

“Force yourself to be humble, and when you see thoughts of pride, lay hold of a whip and start lashing yourself.”
†The Elder is not referring to masochism, but suggests counteracting sinful inclinations with physical pain. Similar techniques were used by Sts. Benedict, Epiphanios, Nephon, and many other saints.
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, page 231

“Never examine what your Elder does or why he does this or that. Do not judge him, for you will become an antichrist! Never in your life tolerate others who speak against your Elder, but oppose them immediately; shield him; defend him. Christ makes straight the “crookedness” of the Elder's human shortcomings and mistakes, on account of uncritical and guileless obedience.”
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, page 139

“Do not contradict the Elder; reflect that he represents the divine will.”
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, page 105

“When we ascend and meet the aerial toll-houses, whose prayers will deliver us? The elder's? But they have departed from us because we grieved him in this life and so they have no power in our hour of need.”
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, page 143

“There was a disciple who had such unquestioning obedience that his elder would tell him to go steal various things from the brethren's cells, and he would go and do so! The elder would then take them and give them back to the brethren. He was never bothered when thoughts told him, “Hey, what is the elder doing to me? Is he inciting me, is he teaching me how to steal? And later I'll have the habit of stealing!” Instead, he thought about it and said, “I am being obedient. Now, what it is that I am doing, I don't know. I know only one thing – that I am being obedient.””
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, pages 125-126

“You will find great grace when you obey your Elder for God’s sake. Do not grieve him in order not to grieve the Holy Spirit, Who anointed him a successor to the Apostles. Elders are their final successors and occupy this position hierarchically through the Holy Spirit. Consequently, those who grieve them grieve the Holy Spirit.”
Counsels from the Holy Mountain, page 107