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Clergy, People, and Organizations That Have Been Notified of "Elder" Ephraim's Teachings

1. The Patriarch of Constantinople
2. Archbishop Demetrios of New York
3. Bishop Gerasimos of San Francisco
4. Fr. Paul Schroeder of the Diocese of San Francisco
5. Fr. Andrew Barakos of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Scottsdale, Arizona
6. Fr. Anthony Coniaris
7. St. Herman of Alaska Monastery
8. Light and Life Publishing
9. Genie Schaeffer and Regina Orthodox Press

Despite notifying all of these people and organizations about the teachings and actions of "Elder" Ephraim and St. Anthony's Monastery, NOTHING has been done by any of the clergy listed to stop these teachings from circulating or to help reconcile the grieving parents with the children they lost to St. Anthony's under spurious and deceitful circumstances. This is despite the fact that Father Anthony Coniaris openly admits that:

"We are aware of the fact that Elder Ephraim's teachings regarding marriage denigrate the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony. They do not represent Orthodox Christian truth and have served to break up marriages blessed by the Church."

The ONLY hierarch who has yet to respond at all is the Patriarch of Constantinople.

Light and Life Publishing and Regina Orthodox Press have not stopped selling "Elder" Ephraim's books despite my notifying them of the content and how that content is used to promote false teachings even after I e-mailed them written proof of "Elder" Ephraim's anti-Semitic teachings.